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Netteller Update


Netteller Offline Mode

First Western Bank & Trust is excited to announce the availability of Netteller Offline Mode for Online Banking.  Netteller Offline Mode will provide account information with limited functionality even if Netteller is unavailable because of limited connectivity, maintenance, software updates, etc.

Below is a snapshot of the screen that will be displayed when online banking is in Offline Mode.  Note that some of the tabs and links normally available are not displayed such as “Options”, and “Transfers”.

*Please note the message in red indicating that systems are functioning in Offline Mode with limited connectivity.

What is available in Offline Mode?

  • Account Listing with balance
  • Transactions
  • Billpay
  • Message Center
  • Logout

Functionality not available during Offline Mode

  • Options/Settings
  • Cash Management
  • Transfers
  • Password Self – Reset
  • Login Prompts (password change, email update, etc.) 
  • First time users or users whose password has been reset will not be able to access Internet Banking during Offline Mode.
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